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Velocitas VMI Camera and Software Velocitas VMI Camera and Software
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Velocitas VMI Camera and Software

The Velocitas VMI Vacuum Imaging Detector with phosphor screen can be supplied with a high resolution camera and Photek's established Image32 image processing and data acquisition software for a complete detection solution to your vacuum imaging experiment.

Along with in-house camera and software developments, we work with global manufacturers of digital cameras to provide you with the right detection capabilities. The specification of the camera is chosen to exceed the demands of your experimental application. The camera and lens assembly can be mounted on your detector flange in a configurable, light tight housing, for ideal operation in the laboratory. Image32 software has numerous operating modes, including centroiding and photon counting, with the option of control via other programming languages.

We offer our imaging software with a camera of choice to provide full detection capabilities in the laboratory. Our expert team of designers and engineers can also develop custom software and firmware solutions for individual applications.

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Image32 image processing software features:

  • Simple user interface

  • Centroiding options

  • Photon Counting options

  • Background subtraction

  • Arithmetic functions

  • Compatibility with LabVIEW

  • Lua based control sequences

  • Range of data extraction and graphing routines

  • 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, floating point or colour format images

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