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Velocitas VMI Pulsed Valve Velocitas VMI Pulsed Valve

Velocitas VMI Pulsed Valve

The Velocitas VMI pulsed valve is available as an individual unit, or flange mounted with the option of one, two or three dimensional manipulation. Choose from in-house designs or those from leading manufacturers, incorporating piezo actuators or solenoid based valves (e.g. Even-Lavie valve).

The valves can be operated at a range of frequencies and backing pressures, which can be tuned for any specific experiment. We have special designs for attosecond experiments, where the laser pulse can target the highest density gas for increased signal intensity.

At Velocitas VMI we are continually pursuing the development of new pulsed valve technology and improved target preparation tools, in collaboration with leading researchers and valve developers worldwide.

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  • Vacuum compatible

  • High frequency (up to 1 kHz)

  • Short pulse widths (20 - 200 μs)

  • High backing pressure (0 - 100 bar)

  • Cold molecules (10 K or less)

  • High density options


  • Molecular beams in vacuum

  • Velocity Map Imaging

  • Photodissociation

  • Attosecond science

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