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Part 1: VMI Ion Optics

We have a choice of ion optics for a range of experimental needs, including high resolution imaging, high energy photoelectron imaging or VMI with dc slicing. The ion optics have configurable options including different mounting possibilities, optional flight length and mu-metal shielding for optimal operation. Velocitas VMI ion optics have dual polarity, giving you the choice to image positive ions or electrons and negative ions, all with the flick of a switch.
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Part 2: Vacuum Imaging Detector

Our Vacuum Imaging Detector typically consists of open-faced MCPs and phosphor screen in vacuum, with external camera and image processing software. The detector can be configured for your specific application, with a choice of active area size, MCP gain, choice of phosphor, as well as additional TOF and MCP gating options.
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Part 3: Camera and Image32 Software

Our selection of high resolution cameras come with Photek's established Image32 image processing and data acquisition software for a complete detection solution to your vacuum imaging experiment.
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Part 4: Vacuum Chambers and Pumps

The system typically incorporates more than one differentially pumped vacuum chamber (source chamber and interaction chamber). The vacuum chamber(s) design can be tailored for your specific applications, including the option of laser access from more than one direction and extra ports for vacuum accessories, all neatly contained in a single frame.
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Part 5: Pulsed Valve

To efficiently and reliably deliver your target gas from the source chamber to the interaction chamber, we offer a choice of pulsed valves, with configurable options depending on your specifications including target density, molecular beam temperature and repetition rate.
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Associated Electronics and Components

To complete the system, we include all required electronics: high voltage, ultra-stable, reverse polarity power supply units for the ion optics; power supply unit with tracking for the detector; MCP gating module; controllers for the pulsed valve and vacuum system; signal delay generator to co-ordinate timing between your laser system, the pulsed gas, detector gating and imaging camera; computer with Photek's established Image32 image processing software.
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Velocitas VMI Spectrometer System

The Velocitas VMI Spectrometer is offered as a complete solution tailored for your research laboratory, or as individual components for upgrades to your existing experimental setup. The system incorporates VMI ion optics with a pulsed valve, skimmer, flight tube and vacuum imaging detector, all housed in a bespoke, differentially pumped vacuum chamber. The chamber and vacuum pumps are neatly mounted on a single frame, with height adjustment and optional mobility in the laboratory. The spectrometer is completed with high voltage power supplies, electronics and controls for the detector, camera, ion optics, valve and vacuum system, along with a computer. The only further requirement in the lab is a target gas supply and an ionising laser.
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Our expert team of scientists and engineers have many years' experience in advanced detector development and bespoke system design. We have a long history of working with world-class research institutions and ultrafast laser laboratories, and we understand the demands of the modern day researcher. Through our collaborations we have developed the state-of-the-art Velocitas VMI instrumentation and we continue to engage with current research topics in order to provide innovative technology solutions to facilitate new, demanding research applications.
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