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Velocitas VMI Vacuum Imaging Detector Velocitas VMI Vacuum Imaging Detector

Velocitas VMI Vacuum Imaging Detector

The Velocitas VMI Vacuum Imaging Detector (VID) is an open faced MCP detector, suitable for vacuum imaging experiments. The detector is usually mounted on a vacuum flange, ready to be secured to a vacuum chamber. The VID is designed to detect charged particles, UV photons and neutrons. For VMI applications a typical VID will have two MCPs and a phosphor screen, but the detector is also available with a solid anode for custom anode configurations. The phosphor screen can include a time of flight module, providing a timing response of 3 ns. With a Photek Gate Module, the operation of the MCP can be reduced to less than 10 ns, allowing dc slicing in VMI experiments.


  • Ion imaging

  • dc slicing

  • Mass spectrometry

  • Photoelectron spectroscopy

  • Synchrotron radiation detection

  • VUV imaging

  • Space telescopes

  • Nuclear physics

We have a long history in the design and manufacture of Vacuum Imaging Detectors, with expertise in phosphor deposition, hardware manufacture and software development. We continually invest in new detection and imaging developments, including investigations of brighter phosphors and 3D imaging capabilities.

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  • High resolution

  • 18, 25, 40, 75 and 150 mm active diameter

  • One, two or three MCPs (for gain from 104 to > 107)

  • Choice of flange size, with radial or axial feedthroughs

  • Optional MCP gating to 8 ns

  • Phosphor screen (P47, P43, …), or electrical output

  • Optional TOF module, 3 ns FWHM

  • Resistive sea with re-configurable anode options

  • HV Power Supply

  • Custom CAD design

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